Profit Instruments has revolutionized the way internet marketers promote products as an affiliate.
Want Proof? Just search for any product name on Google, and chances are you'll see a Profit Instrument website in the Top 10.


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Profit Instruments has been created SPECIFICALLY for a complete BEGINNER. It teaches you how to get ultra-targeted traffic (tons of it), completely free from search engines and how to convert that traffic into affiliate commissions using an extremely simple STEP-BY-STEP process.


Product Contents

  • Access to all modules instantly after purchase
  • Access to all softwares and related tools/resources
  • Access to bonuses and case studies
  • Access to PI Walkthrough and PIS Calculator Tool
  • Access to the PI Setup Plugin

Course Overview

  • In this first module, I’ll lay the foundation of the entire course and introduce you to the simplest affiliate strategy ever.
  • This module walks you through Step 1 of Profit Instrument – “Selection.” I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to choose the RIGHT keywords.
  • You can’t risk choosing the wrong keywords or you’ll fail right from the start!
  • After Selecting the golden PNKs, its all about ‘Creating’ your Profit Instrument. In this module you’ll learn from A to Z – Everything about creating the Profit Instrument almos instantly.
  • All your PI needs after the Creation step, is a little bit of ‘Promotion.’ When I say little, I mean little! Just a few techniques I show you will get you MORE free traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN than you’ll know what to do with.
  • I’ll show you how to see up 314% increases in income from the SAME site with NO extra traffic! Just a few tweaks…
  • Now, it’s time to build a HUGE empire. I’m going to show you exactly how I take a SMALL Profit Instrument (that took me 3 hours to build) and get it to DOMINATE.
  • Discover my “Product Launch Domination” strategy that’s made me $15,000 in just 1 day! I’ve had multiple days where I make $10,000+ in almost any niche! I haven’t even taught my closest friends this, but I’ll reveal it now…

Profit Instruments Is Just 3 Simple Steps

Don’t let the “8 Modules” confuse you – this system is really simple. It’s just 3 basic steps (the modules just get into details).

Step 1: Selection

Simple. I give you a formula. You plug the formula in and pick a product to promote.

It can’t be easier. If the product doesn’t fit my formula, you don’t promote. If it fits, you’re virtually guaranteed to have it work!

Step 2: Creation

Now, comes the EASY part. Copy-Paste-Copy-Paste.

I DON’T want you to be creative here, I just want you to do EXACTLY as I show you to do. It’s the same process every time!

In my opinion, this is the easiest step of them all (but in other courses, this is always the hardest part)!

Step 3: Promotion

Now, time to get traffic. Scared? Don’t be. It’s so easy, you have no idea.

FREE Traffic by the way, I won’t ask you to spend a dime anywhere. I’ll give you a blue-print, just do it a few times and the site will take a life of it’s own! Once you master this system – it becomes routine. Between you and I, it’s almost boring eventually (that’s how easy and repetitive it is)!


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I absolutely LOVE the step by step, hold your hand, approach. What is so cool about your course is that even if someone had no idea what any of the terms you use actually mean, they'd still be able to follow the steps and potentially make money. –Brad Callen, KeywordElite

I've seen your training materials, and I've seen the system work insanely well. I know I'll be using it, and I recommend that anyone else reading this hop on this opportunity while they can. –Michael Rasmussen, MiniSiteProfitsExposed

Wow, I was skeptical about Ritoban’s claims about how much money he makes with these kinds of websites... that is until he built me one, got it making money and then gave it to me. –Mark Ling, Affilorama

Great stuff Ritoban! Unlike other courses that just teach rehashed junk, yours goes much deeper than the surface level and actually shows how to do *everything* that you're doing to make money with these profit instrument sites. –Matt Callen, iNetInnovation